Religio Romana







Camlyn's Haven For Pagan Elders - Resource for Pagan Elders and others to come and learn from each other, for one should always be learning and growing.

Groton In The Witchcraft Times - Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society Boston, 1883, 1-29, 3rd series.

The Pagan Coffee Talks - Monthly gathering for socialization and networking in Portsmouth, NH, USA on the second Sunday of every month.

Pagan Resource Center - Information on Pagan beliefs, community, clergy, Wicca, Witchcraft, Eastern philosophies, Western Mystery Traditions, and religious rights.

Pagan-Home - Web site and an email list addressing the needs of the Internet Pagan community by providing instructional information regarding paganism, spell-work, and rituals.

Paganism in the Modern World - A look back at history and how it applies to Paganism today.

Rites and Rituals - A Web Page focusing on Paganism. A good grouping of various pagan rituals that are not all Wiccan. Includes Norse, Greek, Roman and Celt as well.

TechnoPagan Resources - Information and links on TechnoPaganism. Philosophy, events, discussion, and technoPagan culture.

Witchcraft Craze History - Witchcraft craze in early modern Europe.



Pagan and Wiccan FAQ - Answers common questions about Paganism, Wicca, and witchcraft. Also contains links to other resources.

The Student's Guide to Wicca - What is Wicca? How do I become Wiccan? What are the Myths surrounding Wicca? What are the facts about Wicca? It's all inside the guide.

US Army Chaplains' Manual: Wicca - Current version of the Army's article concerning the nature and practice of Wicca, written for the guidance of Army chaplains and unit commanders.

Wiccan Eschool Online - A new online Wicca 101 site dedicated to imparting knowledge of the Wiccan Way via regularly posted lessons and an available email forum for related discussion and support.

Omphalos - A directory of Pagan, Wiccan, and related websites. Includes news articles and more.

alt.religion.wicca.moderated Homepage - A moderated newsgroup for Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans to share ideas and information pertaining to the Craft. We offer a structured forum for debate and discussion. Please read our charter and FAQ for posting information.

American Witch and Pagan - This site provides Witch, Pagan and Wiccan resources. We support Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca, magick, Goddess spirituality, divination, tarot and astrology.

BotteroNet - Pagan friendly Internet services.

Brewers' Witch BBS - Brewers' Witch BBS is Houston's techno-wiccan resource since 1992 and still the largest wiccan-oriented BBS in the state of Texas. It can be accessed via dial-up, telnet, and ftp.

E-Witch Online Auction - A free person-to-person auction dealing strictly in Pagan, Wiccan, and occult merchandise. Also has message boards for shoppers and chatters.

Fight the Fear - The Purple Ribbon Campaign has been created through Fellowship of the Earth to show solidarity of kindred spirits. For religious tolerance and the freedom to believe in our own paths. Earth Religions are misunderstood by most people with mainstream Christian backgrounds.

Free Online Wicca Course - Course by Rev. Don Lewis of the Correllian Tradition, for first degree including Pagan studies, robes, healing, crystals, chakras. Daily spell index.

IAmAWitch.Com - Free email, webpages, articles, poetry, a very large links catalog, and current astronomical information all in one package.

Medea's Chariot - A general pagan resource site that strives to present a broad variety of topics, offering an extensive and varied collection of links.

Pagan and NeoPagan Resources - Large directory of Wiccan, Occult, Pagan and other subjects listed alphabetically.

Pagan Portal - Wicca related links, searchable database. News & Editorial content. Wiccan, Pagan and New-Age links of interest.

Pagan Sisters - This club was formed for female pagans and wiccan's to come together in a safe environment and get to know each other and to exchange ideas. - Webhosting as a means to network Pagans and Wiccans.

RavensWing's Wiccan HomePage - Personal views on and experience of Wicca and the Old Religions. Directory of sites.

Stones in the Snow - Web host for Pagan and Wiccan groups and related causes.

WiccaNet - Gateway to another world. Directory of links, submit your site.

WiccansClub - This club is for everyone who is Wiccan/Pagan. A place to chat and get links to other wiccan/pagan sites. Yahoo Club. - Directory of links to Wicca sites.

WiccaWeb - Wiccan web portal providing discussion forums, a resource database, interesting and informative readings, and chat.

Witch of the Month - The Good Witch Award. Give recognition to the outstanding witches working to help others.

Witch Way Graphics - Free graphics for Pagan and Wiccan websites. - WitchCrawler is a Pagan search engine based in Atlanta GA. Search for Pagan resources, Wiccan rituals, New Age, and Pagan homepages.

WitchHaven - A multi-faceted site offering hosting, mailing lists, and live chat.

Witchymail - Free web email accounts.

Witch's Brew: For All of Mother's Children- Resource for today's solitary Wiccan. With web weaving, an online Book of Shadows, and bookstore.

The Alexandrian Book of Shadows - Full text of the public domain version of the Alexandrian BOS. Contains tenets, the rede, initiations, consecration of tools, Esbats, Sabbats, and miscellanous notes.

All About Wicca - Includes sections on ethics, beliefs, ritual structure, goddesses and gods, elements, sabbats (the solstices and equinoxes, plus Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain), tools and FAQs.

Alyandrea's Book of Shadows - Ever-growing site has a large number of spells from a variety of sources.

Amethyst MoonFlower's Page of Mirrors - The Wicca pages contain information about the Wiccan beliefs and the Goddess and God. You can also find the basics of Tarot.

Amethyst's Wiccan Page - This is a Wiccan site with an online Book of Shadows.

Arianna's Wicca Site - I am a solitary wicca and have been practicing for a little while. I hope to help those who are interested or just starting with information about wicca, rituals, spells, and any other questions they might have.

Artemis LittleMoon's Solitary Wiccan Witch Site - Description of the nature of Wiccan beliefs, the burning times, links, chat, and a section on magic with spells using herbs, candles, gems and a variety of other spells.

Ashlynn's Grove - AG has been proudly serving the pagan community since 1986. We are the original "Grove" on the net, joining this community in early 1996.

Astarte's Book of Shadows - A new and informative site for Pagans, Wiccans, and those wishing to know more about these paths. Find explanations of Pagan ideals, tools of the trade, Pagan and Wiccan links, photos.

Athena's Enchanted Grove - A site dedicated to witchcraft and paganism, including divination, healing, spells, rituals, crystals, colors, chakras, meditation, animal spirituality, and spirit guides.

AutumnCrystal Greywing's Manor House - Online Book of Shadows and other resources for Wiccan study.

Ayla's Cave - A serious but friendly site for Witches. Messageboard, weekly columns, online BOS, herbalism, Qabalah, poetry and philosophy.

Bayowolf And Erzsebet's Wiccan Page - Great site for both new and old to the craft.Educational while helping to dispell the myths of the old religion.

BeWitched Craft - A bewitching and enchanting site full of info on magick, spells, dreams, teas, oils, insence, pagan links. Online Book of Shadows. - Promotes understanding and tolerance of Witchcraft through education.

Bloodroses Wiccan Page - Includes information on, spells, rituals, beliefs, and tools.

Book of Shadows - A basic Book of Shadows containing information for beginners, herbs, crystals, ritual format and circle casting. Simple and straightforward, easy to understand instructions.

Book of Shadows - Small but interesting Book of Shadows with recipes, faerie information, and a home page protection ritual.

Book of Shadows at AMG - The Pagan Community Book of Shadows contains spells, rituals, foods, ointments and articles from all parts of the World.

Branwen's Cauldron - A forum for readers to contribute their own Wiccan, pagan, witchcraft and magickal rituals, spells, dreams and experiences.

Burning White Cauldron - Online Book of Shadows with many rituals and blessings.

The Cauldron of Belisama Fire - Sharing beliefs, rituals, spells, herb lore, recipes and wisdom from almost thirty years of practice.

The Celestial Muse - One woman's journey through the spirituality of Wicca. Also includes a rape survivor page and many other resources.

Christy's Book of Shadows and Laughter - Personal online Book of Shadows.

CJ's Spiritual Stop - One Wiccan's Spiritual Journey and progress. Includes thoughts on related issues, spells, rituals, recommended readings, and site links.

Coven of Celestial Tides - A variety of unusual and creative information, including origami magic, a history of frankincense, original and lyrics.

Coven of the Dragon's Book of Shadows - Includes Wicca symbols, color correspondences, and information on the god and goddess, traditions, and moon phases.

Coven of The Silver Stars - New web site with basic information.

The Craft - This site is dedicated to all who seek knowledge, because knowledge banishes fear. Online BoS and resources for beginners and those who take a do-it-yourself approach.

A Crafty Kitchen Witch - A Pagan world filled with wonderous treasures in two Books of Shadows.

Cunina's Witchcraft - Lots of Wiccan information. Personal essays on why I'm a Witch, what Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism mean, How I cast spells, and more. Plus handcrafted Book of Shadows.

The Dark Goddesses - Site which discusses the Dark Goddesses such as Hecate, Kali, the Death Goddesses etc.

Dreams and Wishes - Natural Magick site supporting Wicca, Witches, Pagans, Shamans. Book of Shadows, Witchcraft tools and FAQs, chakras, goddesses, crystals and herbs.

EarthSongs World Of Magick - I've got everything from spells, information on Wicca and what Witches are really about.

The Enchanted Garden - The energy used in magic is natural. We all have magic within our own bodies as well as in physical objects. This site helps you to explore that magic as well as find information about Wicca and its Sabbats.

The Enchanted Realm - Online Book of Shadows with spells and blessings. Information for beginners, tarot, astrology, herbs, candles. dreams and poetry.

Enid's Loft - Dedicated to the sharing of magick and knowledge.

Faded's Wicca Etc. Page - Personal and a community online Book of Shadows. Wiccan comics, web services, post cards, graphics, horoscopes, poetry and essays about Wicca.

Fingle's Cave - Personal site with information about rituals, links, Pagan resources and a bio of Fingle.

Fire Rose's World of Wicca and Witchcraft - Online Book of Shadows and writing about Wicca.

Fishgoat's Leaves of Wonder - My Wiccan and Magick pages, geared towards the intermediate practitionner of Wicca. If you have learned the basics and wish to go further then come discover with me the hitherto neglected or glossed-over corners of the Craft.

Full Moon Magic - Everything to do with magic: correspondences, herbs, crystals, candles. How to create your own incense, oils, amulets, candles, sachets, powders, potions and spells. Learn to use ritual tools, cast a circle, create rituals, develop your magical skills.

GhostDragon - A compilation of information from all over the world, including many assorted spells and rituals, a glossary of terms for the new Wiccan, herbal information.

Glenn's Wiccan Pages - Outlines the true meaning of Wicca and Wiccan beliefs. Read the 13 goals of a witch, why Wiccans are not Satanists and information on fascinating topics such as tarot, runes, numerology, moon phases, crystals.

Good Witch Of The North - Information on wicca/witchcraft, moon magick, magick stones, herbs, faeries, poetry, astrology and a book of shadows.

Greyravens Lair - A plain english approach to the basics of modern Witchcraft

The Hedge - Path of a Hedge Witch. This is my personal homepage dedicated to the path of the hedge witch as I see and live it.

The Hidden Land of Wicca - An eclectic page on the beliefs, rituals, mythology, calendar and magick of Wicca. Found within is information on Wicca as a religion, both for solitary practitioners and covens.

The Inner Sanctum of Wicca and Witchcraft - Wicca and Witchcraft resources with rituals, spells, divination. Online Witch store and Pagan forum.

Ivy's Pentacles - Mostly aimed at beginners and/or people who are interested in learning about the Wiccan religion. Wiccan philosophy, practice, and celebrations, plus personal philosophy and lots of links.

JaguarMoon Cyber Coven - Large collection of interesting and unusual information for the new Pagan to well-versed witch.

Jamie's Gate: A Look at the Craft - A variety of introductory materials on Wicca and Witchcraft, as well as the author's own views, experiences, and practices.

Jausserande Shadowstar's Online Book of Shadows - This is Jausserande's Book of Shadows. It contains basic information on Witchcraft, Paganism and Wicca collected from a variety of sources.

Jaz's Pagan Page - Resources for practicing Wiccans, including excerpts from my Book of Shadows, free graphics for Pagan web pages, Moon journal pages, BoS graphics.

Jesse's Wiccan Page - My site has information on, Wicca, making bathsalts, herbs, herbal substitution, teas, oils, spells, ritual bath, moon phases, amulets, stones, divination, sachets, brews.

Joelle's Sacred Grove - Book of Shadows, Celtic lore, history and deitites, information on Wiccan traditions, candle magic, crystals and a wide variety of other entries. Has a search capability.

Khasha's Haven - Once a priestess of the Old Gods, now trying to recapture my spirituality I have made a page dedicated to paganism, mainly wicca, but I'm constantly adding new things.

KnightShade's Realm of Shadows - This site is dedicated to providing people of all religions with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of Wicca/Paganism.

Lady Bridget's Wiccan Ways - Articles about the Goddess Brid, what Wicca is about, why and how we celebrate our holidays, and information about brewing, music, and our coven in general.

Lady Heather's Solitary Grove of the Goddess - Many links and an online Book of Shadows with spells.

Lady Katherina Wiccan Realm - A resource center for Wicca, magick, herbs, meditation, and other resources.

Lady Morgan's Book of Shadows - An online Book of Shadows filled with rituals and magick for the solitary practitioner.

A. Ladyhawke's Dream - A Wiccan Website. Information on Wicca, Shamanism, herbs stones, candles, online Book of Shadows, chat room and message board.

LadyWolf's Wicca Page - Personal site about Wicca and witchcraft, online Book of Shadows, elements, candle correspondences, and merchandise.

Lark's Personal Page - High priestess of Tangled Moon Coven.

Lorelai's Lair - Basic Wiccan info, online BOS, pagan poetry, graphics, dragons and anything else I can think of.

Lunar Pearl Pagan Website - Personal site with an online Book of Shadows, many useful rituals. Basic Wicca and Pagan information too. From Raven Silverwing.

The Magick Manor - Pagan and Wicca rituals, spells, and information. Also has a section for kids.

Magickal Happenings - Lady Raven BlueFlame's Realm of Witchery is a page where people can receive information on Wicca/Witchcraft. This page has a Grimorie, sundry spells, chants, rituals, and ethics.

Magick's Realm - Information about spells, spell casting, Book of Shadows, types of Wicca, herbs, rituals, and poetry.

The Maiden, Mother and Maxine - A Journey into the Wiccan/Pagan beliefs. Contains articles on what Wicca is and what being Pagan is about.

Manor House for Wiccan Studies - Wicca basics, herbal, and an Online Book of Shadows.

Midnight in the Realm of the Goddess - Rowan Sterling's home page. Wicca articles, graphics, messageboards, teen webring, magick, spells, causes, poetry and Wicca 101.

The Modern Tradition of Witchcraft - Concepts, ritual arts, magick, symbols and spellcraft. The Wheel of the Year, The Goddess and Getting started on the Path.

Moira Scott's Witchcraft Pages - Not your typical Wicca 101 Site. With essays on how to invite the Gods to your rituals, Altar set up, and tools.

MoonDancer's Book of Shadows - Site for the novice beginning his/her quest for information on the Wiccan Path. Presented in building block fashion, the lessons are assimilated at the students own pace.

Moon's Magickal Pages - A place where I share my thoughts and life on the Wiccan Path. - Basic facts about Wicca, including FAQ, terms everyone should know, a Christian's point of view. Free email accounts for all visitors, as well as a growing online community.

Morg's Wiccan Cauldron - There are two sections: The Beginner Pages, or So You Want to Be a Witch? and the rest of my Book of Shadows.

The Mystical Mother - The Wisdom Room with information about ancient wisdom, traditional healing, Wicca, astrology, energy healing, gems and crystal.

New Moon's Book of Shadows - Includes spells and rituals, correspondences, herbal information, chants and blessings.

NightFire's Wiccan Domain - A Wiccan site for both beginners and the advanced. This site is packed with information on Wicca, Paganism, and Witchcraft with a personal touch.

Open Sesame - This is a web site for Wicca, witchcraft, white magick, Pagan spirituality, spells, herbalism, folklore, mythology, poetry, and global pagan networking.

Pagan Library - Includes articles for Wiccans and solitaries.

The Pagan Library - Articles, stories, music and various thoughts on what it is to be Wiccan. Contributed articles.

Pagan-Home Web Page - Strives to address the needs of the Internet Wiccan community by providing instructional information regarding wicca, spell-work for those so inclined, and rituals.

Pandora's Mystical Moonlit Realm - Solitary Australian Wiccan. Online BOS; spells, rituals, articles, meditations.

RavenFlights Wicca - Information on Wicca, Magick, and Pagan. Also my online Book of Shadows.

Raven's Forest - An informational site that includes an online supply store, information on herbs, candles, oils, a book of shadows, networking and links on the net.

Ravens Roost - This site is dedicated to magick and paganism. It has a BOS, book reviews and a growing collection of knowledge.

Retro - Unusual web site with a small amount of information. Online BoS.

Rhiannon's Witch Garden - Sacred space dedicated to the Goddess and God. Book of Shadows, Ritual Journal, links, information for beginners. Explore Pagan spirituality.

Rhianonwinds Sacred Rhelm - Online BOS, herbal info, a poetry page, color correspondences and superstitions and lore.

Rose's Online Book of Shadows - A concise collection of spells, mainly for protection of self and home. Additonal spells are actively sought by the author.

Rowan Grove - Pagan website dedicated to Wicca, Norse, Druid, and Shamanism.

Sacred Chant - Resources on pagan religions on the Internet. Viewers will be able to add their info with direct contact to the site and its webmaster.

Sacred Texts: Wicca and Neo-Paganism - Primary texts of sacred books including Aradia, an online BOS, Margaret Murray's works, the Golden Bough, the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, the Key of Solomon and many more.

Sequana's Realm - A site about Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism in general. Lots of info for everyone.

Seraphina's Book of Shadows - Under construction. Contains a nice combination of unusual spells and rituals, as well as more common information.

Shadowalker's Pagan Spiritual Resources - A growing site of resources for Pagans, Wiccans, and the spiritual community.

The Silver Circle - Graphically simple site with information on various aspects of the seasons, lore and rituals.

Silver ShadowWolf's Wicca/Pagan Magickal Realm - This site is dedicated to all Witches, Pagans and Wiccans. Once inside you will find articles, histories, spells, pictures, BoS, related backgrounds, Tarot readings.

SilverMoon's Realm - Thoughts of wisdom on Witchcraft and Wicca. Sabbats, tools of The Craft, glossary, pentagram, magick, Wiccan beliefs, becoming a Witch, The Deities, The Burning Times, Book of Shadows, magickal names, earth love, faeries, wolves, networking, oils and aromatherapy,

SilverWolf's Magickal Den - Contains info about the burning times, levitation spells, binding spells.

Spirit Online - Tons of information on wicca, witchcraft, spells, and magick.

Starlight's Garden - A Book of Shadows and Book of Light.

Sylver's Witch Info Page - Witchcraft, wicca, color and herbal magick, links.

Tirn Aill - My Pagan ideals, beliefs and practices. Information on Wicca and Paganism, Elemental Magick and correspondences, rede, candles, Pagan poetry.

Toby's Wiccan Refuge - Provides information on deities, the wheel of the year, and a Book of Shadows.

Wandering Skye - A site full of links and information about Paganism, Wicca and Witchcraft. Includes a listing of various Books of Shadows from all over the web.

The Ways of the Witch - Source for the seeker. Includes an E-mail circle for witches.

Web of Shadows - Designed as a Book of Shadows. Here you will find orginal writing and resources on topics including magick, spells, herbalism, healing, and basics.

Whispering Woods - A site for beginners to Crone. A gathering place for Wiccans and all Pagans to learn and to share ideas.

Wicca and Witchcraft - Learn about wicca, the earth religion, wiccan holidays, buy supplies, misconceptions of witchcraft and praise the Goddess and God at this virtual altar.

Wicca Info - Information on Herbs, Candle Magick, Moon Magick, Chakras, Spells, Book of Shadows, Supplies, and much, much more.

The Wiccan Garden - A great place for beginners. Learn the truth about Wicca.

Wiccan Knowledge - Learn about the religion of Wicca, and the practice of Witchcraft. Includes an Online Book of Shadows, and a posting board.

Wiccan Path - For pagan and wiccan witches from all walks of life to find links and a list of recommended reading for the beginning seeker. Poetry and lots of graphics.

The Wiccan Way - Online Book of Shadows with personal notes and essays.

The Wiccan Way - A resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, Magic(k), the Sabbats and celebrating Mother Earth.

Wiccan Way - Online Book of Shadows and Wicca basics.

A Wiccan World. - A general page on the wiccan faith.

Wiccan World - This is a site for a novice seeker in Wicca. Tons of information, including: incense corr. list, moon magick, herbal guide, and daily magick chart.

Wiccan's Grimoire - A Wiccan/Pagan community with reference material on herbs, crystals, candle magick, moon magick. Craft boards discussion forum. Links and articles. Community online Book of Shadows.

Willowmoon's Wiccan Webpages - A friendly site of tolerance and education regarding the Earth Religion of Wicca.

The Winding Path - My site dedicated to Witchcraft. Books, meditation, herb lore, and an expanding online Book of Shadows.

Winterhome - A place to learn about Wicca, crystals and gemstones, web sites, the Tarot, international cuisine. Grab a few original graphics, post in the message forums, or send a postcard.

Witch Hazel - Information on Witchcraft and Wicca. Includes candle and Moon magick and finding your Craft name.

The Witch Niche - A Wiccan site with information and resources on Wicca, Witches, Witchcraft.

Witch World - For those beyond the beginner stage and already living life as a Witch. A site dedicated to exploring the deeper waters of Witchcraft.

Witchcraft Search Site - Historical information about the witch trials, as well as information on modern pagan tools and symbols.

The Witches' Hearth - Responsible information concerning Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism. Much of the information is provided in a lesson/lecture format.

The Witches Informational Network - The MN representatives of the Witches' Informational Network present a growing and living Book of Shadows; representative of our visitors and friends.

Witches Way - Information on Wiccan rituals and divination tools such as the Tarot, candles, stones and more.

A Witch's Cauldron - An eclectic site with Witchcraft 101, a Witchcraft FAQ, and essays and lessons contributed by readers. Also has forums.

The Witch's Workshop - Information on many Pagan and Wiccan topics, including a page on lunar agriculture, and Goddess shrines.

The Working Witch - This is a magickal website which I created with the working witch in mind since I am a working witch myself. In here you will find useful information to cast spells, do magickal works, and rituals.

Writing about Wicca - Traditions and ideas of Pagans and Wiccans.

The Zodiac Bistro - Lots of information concerning Wicca, Paganism and the Craft.



The Julian Society  A non-denominational religious order dedicated to the restoration of paganism envisioned by the emperor Julian.

Saturnalia - A Winter Solstice Ritual

eGroups Julian Society - Mailing list for The Julian Society.

Nova Roma - Dedicated to the restoration of Classical Roman religion, culture, and virtues.

Religio Romana - The Religio Romana is the pre-Christian religion of Rome. Sometimes called "Roman Paganism", modern practice the Religio Romana is an attempt to reconstruct the ancient faith of Rome as closely as possible, making as few concessions to modern sensibilities as possible.



Aerospace Technology Guild - The ATG is devoted to the study of the aerospace sciences and their relationship to the religion and values of Asatru. Their realm of inquiry covers everything from ultralites to amateur rocketry to space colonies.

Althing - A History of the Althing in Vinland.

Althing - Irminsul Aettir - Information on Althing 1999

Anthropology and Asatru - Papers dealing with a social-science view of present-day Ásatrú or Heathenism, and on experiential anthropology particularly of seiðr and shamanism.

Asaerich's Domain - Asatru - A site that has poetry, art, and is dedicated to Woden.

Asatru and the Elder Futhark - A page dedicated to spreading information on Asatru and the runic mystries.

The Asatru Archive - FAQs and basic information.

Asatru Information - Information and help for beginners.

Asatru Knotwork - Tying together everything related to the concept of Asatru.

Asatru Offerings: Heathen Harrows - Heathen altars, shrines and holy places.

Asatru Quick List - "A 10 minute Guide to the Bare Bones Essentials on Asatru."

Asatru, the Scandinavian religion - Articles (some only in Swedish or Norwegian), pictures, links.

Asatru/German-American Pages - Contains guides for Asatru or Pagan folk living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as well as articles on religious freedom.

Asgard - A guided tour through the realms of the Norse universe. With descriptions of the major events and gods worshiped by the followers of Asatru.

Barbarian's Norse Religion Page - A page describing the Gods and Goddesses of the Germanic/Norse pantheon. Comparisons of different types of Norse Heathen Practice, a calendar of Norse ritual festivals, and links to sites related to Asatru and Norse Heathenism.

Deja: Asatru and Heathen - A place to discuss Asatru.

Dispelling the Nazi curse on Germanic Paganism - An essay by John C. Mayer, M.A. debunking the perceived connection between germanic paganism and nazism.

DragonWhispers Teutonic Page - aka The Rainbow Bridge Site. A site with much information about the gods and godesses of asatru.

Enmans Eldsted - An Independent Asatru Frithstead. Contains Resources for Solitary Asatruar (those without a Kindred).

Folk Asatru Intentional Community - This site is dedicated to the formation of a Folk Asatru intentional community in Northern Michigan, Northern Wisconsin, North or South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho.

Free English Translations of Eddas and Sagas on the Internet - This is a really great site for Norse/Teutonic myths.

Gate to the Hall of the Asatru - This website honors the Gods and Goddesses of Asgard and the religion of Asatru, which is the religion that was followed by the northern Europeans prior to the coming of Christianity to that area.

Germanic Goddesses - A resource for anyone with an interest in the germanic goddesses.

The Germanic Heritage Page - Extensive links to Heathen folklore, mythology, history, culture, language, literature, religion, and merchants.

Ginnungagap - A site about the Nordic gods.

The God Thor's Shrine - A cyber-shrine dedicated to the God Thor (Tor, Doner, Thunar), with original Norse mythology source texts from the Eddas, Thor art, poetry, free runic fonts, storm animations and more.

The Goddess Sif - Norse Deity - Devotional and Research site dedicated to Sif, Nordic Goddess.

Hagalaz' Runedance - Hagalaz’ Runedance promotes the northern mysteries and the natural, pagan way of life mainly through writing and music, and is working together with international organizations and individuals of alike spirit.

Heathen Fairy Tales - A series of original and adapted tales by Jim Johnston. Striving to bring fairy tales that are distinctly Heathen and that convey Heathen ideals.

Heathen Support Campaign - A campaign initiated to raise awareness, amongst our folk, of the need for serious and continuous financial support, to the various asatru and odinist organizations that currently exist.

Heathen Wedding - On the third evening of January 1998, Arlea Anschütz and Steve Hunt married each other in what is most likely the first fully legal Germanic pagan wedding ceremony ever performed in the state of Colorado. This page is on on-line album of the people, the place and the magick that made it all happen.

Heathens Against Hate - A statement of Asatru / Heathen solidarity against racism, sexism, homophobia, Satanism, Nazism and violent ideologies with many HAH banners for websites. Includes Links to HAH banner campaign participants.

KonaChat - Topics of interest to Asatru women and women that live with Asatru...

Loki: A Paean in Progress - A site devoted to Loki, most underappreciated and misunderstood of the Norse Gods, the trickster and agent of change: exploring his role from the perspective of a sincere dedicant.

The "Loki Cult" Web Page - A page for the friends and followers of the most infamous of Norse gods, Loki.

Midgard's Web - The website of a new national and (as it turns out) international Heathen organisation, based in the UK.

Mighty Trees, Elder Kin - A picture gallery of ancient trees. Visit them and leave an offering, if you like.

Mimir's Well - An online Asatru study group.

The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasil - Take a visual journey through the cosmos of Norse / Germanic mythology through Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Includes images of the worlds, diagrams, texts from the Eddas, and runic correspondences.

Niðstang - A page using an Old Norse curse against Nazis and others who would use heathen symbols for their hate-filled politics.

The Nordic Way - A page about "Norse religion" or "Way" ["Sed"/"siðr"].

Norse mythology - cheap icons for nationalism - In 1995 Norway experienced a wave of violence from nationalist and neo-Nazi groups. The names and symbols used by these groups are often taken from Norse mythology.

The Odin Brotherhood - The Odin Brotherhood is a polytheistic religion devoted to Odin, Thor, Sif,and the other deities of the Norse tradition.

Odin Lives - Intense coverage of the pre-christian, Ancestral Religion and Culture of Europe. A meeting place for Asatru and Odinism. A mass of information available. Includes a Catalog of Books, Regalia, etc.

Raven Online - Traditionalist Norse Pagan Homepage. Information on Norse Paganism including Asatru Today magazine and Ravenbok, a complete book on the faith, and the Raven Kindred Association, an organization of kindreds.

Ravensgard Norse Homepage - Ravengard's Viking Age Page with general research links and specific interest items, including many original articles.

Raventempter: Perilous Curiousities - Raven pictures and information on Corvus Corax.

RedWolf's HALL - What you will find on this web page is information concerning Asatru, Poems, Pagan & Heathen Links, a couple of discussion boards and some of my personal projects.

Reeves Hall of Frigga's Web - Has an ambitious plan to provide supporting information for Asatru organizers and organizations. the intention is to collect and compile existing material where possible; otherwise, create the material from scratch.

Ásatrú (Frigga's Web Association) - A suggested entry for the US Army's guide to world religions.

Short List of Asatru References - Short List of Asatru References (books and links) collected by Manny Olds

Should the Norse Symbols be Reclaimed? - For how long should we let the aggressive neo-Nazis and other nationalist groups maintain their iron-fisted grip on the traditional Norse symbols that they so effectively appropriated during WW II? A new debate is on.

Shrine to Loki - Contains images, texts and other resources.

Skvala Press - Articles about various aspects of asatru. Ásatrú Page - A collection of links mostly concerning or related to Ásatrú, the reconstruction of an ancient polytheistic religion of Northern European origin.

Thor´s homepage - A site dedicated to Thor (Þór), the God of thunder of our Scandinavian native religion.

Thrudheim - Þrúðheim, A site for Ásatrúars honoring Ása-Þór. Includes Asatru Chat.

Tribal! Ethnic German * Folkish Asatru - It's about folkish Asatru, the traditional religion of Northern Europe, also about anti-hate/religious freedom activism, genealogy, ethnic German stuff, and other topics of interest to Asatruar.

Vanic Veh - A sacred space dedicated to the Vanir, who are fertility deities (and much more) of North Europe.

Viking Religion - A text about the original viking religion and how it relates to asatru today.

Vikings and Asatru. - Sites on the web about Vikings and Asatru

WelThor - A site which is dedicated to Thor (Þór), the God of thunder of our Scandinavian native religion. The purpose of this site is to introduce new people to him, either they want guidance or mere information.

Wicca and Asatru - The following article is based on the workshop "Wicca and Ásatrú", which was presented by the writers during the 1994 FreeSpirit Festival. Devyn Gillette is a English Traditional Wiccan, and former host of the Pagan radio show "Between the Worlds." Lewis Stead is an Asatruar who edits Asatru Today.

Winternight's Blot - An Asatru ritual for Wintersnight.

Yule Right - A ritual for yule from the norse (asatru) point of view.

Yule Traditions - Yule traditions from an Asatru view. Good information on Nordic customs.



A Hieron Mysteria - - Website dedicated to Hellenic polytheism, its worship and practice. Includes links to many other Hellenic polytheist sites and references. Also includes a festival calendar and an on-line organization.

Alexandria - Home page of the Alexandria Society and "Alexandria: The Journal of the Western Cosmological Tradition."

Athena -- Wisdom - Site dedicated to the Goddess Athena

Biblioteca Arcana - Theory, history, practice of the ancient Greek religion. Includes articles, hymns, and poetry as well.

CHEIRON, Hellenic Ethnic religion - For the revival of the Hellenic Ethnic religion. Information about the religion, mythology and festivals of the ancient Hellenes.

Cheiron Hellenic Pagan site - Information about the Hellenic religion, philosophy, mythology and more, also has information from other pagan traditions.

Christian Persecutions Against The Hellenes - A chronological summary by historian and author Vlassis Rassias

The Dionysion - The Hermetic Fellowship Website is a continually evolving, content-rich resource centre for seekers desiring information regarding the Fellowship itself as well as a broad range of topics in the Western Magical Tradition, including Magic, Hermeticism, Qabalah, Paganism, Occultism, Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, Alchemy, the Grail Mysteries, and the Mystery Religions of Antiquity.

Druansha's Pagan Heart - Hellenistic paganism---Ancient Greece. Pantheon, Hecate, Pythagorean mysticism, creation, mythology, creatures, Orphic hymns, rituals, sacrifices, meditation, history, photos symbols, etc.

Eleusis - Recovering the Western Spiritual Tradition - Eleusis is dedicated to reviving ancient Greek & Celtic traditions. It is the viewpoint of the site that our society has lost its sense of spiritual direction by too strong a reliance on monotheism.

Hecatevolos - Fighting the Era Vulgaris, defending the Light and Freedom inside a world dominated by Darkness and Slavery.

Hellenic Neo-Pagan Calendar - Calendar based on ancient Greece. Includes information on festivals and a glossary of terms.

The Hellenic Pantheon - Spyros Tyrakis' collection of links and files on the Hellenic pantheon.

Hellenic Polythiest Notebook. - Information on deities, festivals, culture, rituals and more. Also includes book recommendations and web links.

Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns and Homerica - On-line library of translated texts - Hesiod & Homer

Homage to Pythagoras - Information on Pythagoras, Isis worship, Orpheic hymns, and much more.

Homepage of Pallas Athena - Site dedicated to the goddess Athena.

In Defence of the Ancient Psyche - Website dedicated to the ancient Gods of Hellas

INDEX2 - Hellenism Links.

Jasmine's Bookshelf - Books for Hellenic Polytheists. Focussing on academic publications.

Lyre Magazine - The journal of Hellenic spirituality.

Olympian Deities - Information on Greek deities and thoughts on Hellenic Paganism. An award is also offered for other Hellenic sites.

The Olympic Games in the Ancient Hellenic World - The Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum.

The Pythia's Page - Site dedicated to Apollo and his shrine at Delphi.

The Shrine of the Goddess Athena - This page is the Homepage of the Shrine of the Goddess Athena.A site completely dedicated to the Goddess Athena.

The Stele, homepage of the Omphalos - The Omphalos is a networking organization for Graeco-Roman Neo-Pagans. The Stele contains many resources for Neo-Pagans following Greek or Roman traditions.

Technitai Dionusou - The Artists of Dionysus - A site devoted to the Greek wine god Dionysus, with information on ancient Hellenic paganism, an online temple, links, mailing list, and more.

The Temple of Aphrodite - Online temple dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Includes general information, a listing of Aphrodite's children, and images of the goddess.

The Temple of Ares - An online temple dedicated to Ares, God of War, including mythology, imagery and an essay on hellenic paganism.

The Temple of Hecate Online - Online temple dedicated to the goddess Hecate constructed of graphics.

Threskia - Greek Thelemic tradition.

Underworld Stories - Information on the Hellenic idea of the Underworld, as well as mythology on Persephone, Hades, and other prominent deities associated with the Underworld.

Visual Pagan Agitators - Hellenic pagan creative propaganda. Where Groucho Marx meets God Pan.

Xaipete - Nomos Arkhaios - Educational resource center for Hellenic reconstructionists. Includes a newsletter, essays and articles, and exegetical counseling



Epona's Celtic Cauldron - Wheel of the Year - Celtic language resources, library, holidays, history & religion, free email, and much more

Aisling Association Of Celtic Tribes - A non-profit religious organization, dedicated to the promotion and development of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism.

Ancient Keltic Church - Religious organization dedicated to the rediscovery and revival of the Pagan mystery faith of the ancient Celtic peoples, and the incorporation of this ancient faith into modern 20th century America.

Awen Forken Druid Runes - These pages are intended for an audience who is already somewhat familiar with runes.

Caer Glas Circle - An offshoot of the Ancient Keltic Church headquarted in Tujunga, CA.

The Celtic Connection - An extensive information site which includes, message areas, live chat and a catalog of magickal products.

Celtic Dreams - Medieval history with a lean towards the Celts. Site includes multicultural mythology, Pagan beliefs and spirituality.

Celtic Druidism - This site explains Celtic religion from the viewpoints of descendants from the Avernii tribe. It contains information on a wide variety of topics, as well as a mailing list, chat room, and message board for discussion.

Celtic Faery Shamanism - Exploration of Irish and Celtic faery faith and the faery shamanic philosophy.

Celtic Mist At Aberffraw - Exchange of ideas about Celtic and Pagan issues, including Wales holiday information.

Celtic Moon And DragonLore - A listing of rituals within the Faerie tradition. Soon to have the complete rituals online.

Celtic Myth and Lore - Celtic mythology, folklore, and interesting tid-bits of information. Excellent resource for those seeking to reconstruct the old Celtic beliefs and practices.

Celtic Resources Page - A wide variety of links covering language, history, and lore

Celtic Soul's Realm - Celtic society, mythology, faeries, festivals, Boadicea, Brighid, King Arthur...

Celtic Whispers - Aims to introduce people to the Celtic path and their myths, magic and lore through poetry, art and articles by a celtic student.

Coolavin's Forest - A wonderful resource for studies of: the Celtic history, mythology, music, and culture. Also ancient studies, history, anthropology, archaeology, genealogy, faeries, and more.

Cougarshaman's Celtic Shamanism Page - Overview of Celtic shamanism and its origins. Tutorials in meditation, alignment, spiritual improvement, journeys and pathworking, making your own tools, using herbs, stones and crystals in healing and journeys, Celtic shamanic terms, fairies and other spirits, animal spirit guides, journey walk through guide, recommended reading, using the four elemental quarters, and pages on political awareness.

Cuplan's Meade-Hall - A place of Bardic learning and lore.

Dragon Manor - Home of the Celtic Shaman Druid Graywalker - Homepage and Workshop of the Celtic Shaman Druid Graywalker. Articles, Images, Links, Chat Room, Mississippi Pagan Network, Questions welcomed.

Dragonthorn - This site of sundry and various includes spells and incantations, dragon graphics, celtic graphics, and other links to interesting sites. Backrounds, and bars are also available for the personal site.

Druantia's Sacred Grove - A journey through the world of Modern Celtic Paganinsm. The trees of the grove are full of myth, Magick and mystery.

Druid's Grove - Meeting place for those interested in learning more of the Druid beliefs, for those that wish to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, and opinions.

Epona's Celtic Cauldron - A wide variety of resources on Celtic pagan paths. ranging from clip art to symbolism information.

Heart's Home Celtic and Core Shamanism Resource - Heart's Home is a place to learn about core and Celtic shamanism, with several links to other sites as well. It also contains information on several healing techniques, and is devoted to the service of Spirit.

Keltic Religion - An account of a hereditary Keltic religious system, giving insight into a major Welsh pantheon.

A Leprechaun's Place - Information on Celtic Pagan Religion as well as History and Myth presented by a Celtic Pagan in South Africa.

Pagan Internet Links: Celtic

A Program of Study for Celtic Pagans - A page outlining a potential course of study for those interested in Celtic paths.

Ravenbard - Original poetry, fiction, and essays of a dark spiritual nature related to Celtic based Wicca and more.

Ride of the Wild Hunt - Warrior/Guardian/Hunter paths are welcome. Resources and links to online gathering places.

Scotican Goddess Tradition - Information and resources for Celtic/lesbian goddess oriented witches.

Síla Na Géige - Sheela Na Gig And Sacred Space - Primary historical, etymological, and psychic research into these mysterious Celtic Goddess images. Traditional and original Sheela artwork, tales and links.

Snake River Fianna - We are the Fianna. A band of warriors who, in the spirit of Fionn MacCumhail and his men, seeking to restore the fighting techniques of our Celtic Ancestors, and hold dear to our hearts the beliefs and customs of the Gaelic Celt.

Tuatha Mactire: Modern Gaelic Celts - Detailing the culture, religion, and lifestyle of a modern Gaelic tribe

Wild Goose Renewal of Celtic Spirituality - "Like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants we see more things than the ancients and things more distant, not due to the sharpness of our sight, it is simply because they have lent us their own."



OBOD: The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids: The Druid Grove - Join the order, browse to learn more about Druidry, the spirituality for the 21st century or even play an adventure game; buy books, music CDs and accessories about Druidry and its roots.

Britannia: The Celtic Druids - Who were the Druids, anyway? In this article, John Michell gives an intriguing view of these mysterious people.

British Druid Order - The British Druid Order offers a path to creativity, healing, awareness and fulfilment based on the ancient druidic tradition.

Bryn's Grove - The personal website of a Neo-Pagan Druid (OBOD)

Burning Skies Protogrove, ADF - This grove is now working in the Greater Orlando area to offer open Neo-Pagan worship, education and fellowship in the tradition of Ar n'Draiocht Fein (ADF) to Central Florida.

Caledonii Druidism - The Caledonii of today maintain the ancient rites of the Celtic religion. For those who feel the call, we welcome you into study.

Celtic Druidism - Flamingmoth gives essays on Spiritual Beliefs, Gods and Goddesses, Druidic Lunar Calendar, The Natural World, Magical Beings and Druidic Practice. See also Stories of the Moon and book reviews and suggestions.

Celtic Druidism - From the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, a description of Celtic Druidism.

The Celtic Traditionalist Order of Druids - This is a teaching Order, dedicated to the preservation and rebirth of the worship of the ancient Gods and Goddesses, primarily those of the Celtic Nations.

CelticMagic's Druidry Site - Druids were and are the High Priests & Priestesses, Judges, Bards, Teachers, and Spiritual Leaders of the Celtic Tribes. Though there were several different tribes in different areas, the traditional role of the Druid has never changed.

Columcille Megalith Park - A Playground of Myth and Mystery - located in the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Pennsylvania, USA. Rooted in Celtic spirituality, Columcille is inspired by the Isle of Iona off the west coast of Scotland.

Daven's Personal Journal - Personal thoughts and feelings toward many things, but keeping Celtic Religion/Druidism as the main focus here, and just enough Wicca that you know that the Religion of the Celts is not dead.

Diogenes' Lantern - A Druid oriented page of legends and lore with links to many spiritual and pagan sites.

Druidism Guide - The Solitary Practitioner's Basic Guide to Druidism

Druidism Networking - A simple networking page for Druids seeking others.

Druidry - The practice of... and other points of relevance pertaining to Druidry past & present. Several viewpoints for the reader to discern from as to the truth of the Draoi.

Druidry and Paganism - Modern Pagan Druidism is a living religion based on the beliefs and practices of the ancient peoples, principally the Celts (pronounced with a hard "K" sound, and has nothing to do with basketball). Read more on beliefs and customs.

Druids - An excerpt from the Encyclopedia Britannia.

Druids and Druidism - A directory of Web Site URL's to Druid and Neo Druidism Resources and Web Sites.

Druid's Grove - The Bear Mountain Seedgroup of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD) give some ritual ideas for the eightfold year. There is also a brief discussion on the symbolism in the festivals, together with some Druid and Goddess devotions/prayers.

Druids Grove - Dedicated to the study of Druidry and Paganism. Delve into the Mysteries of Creation with us!

The Druids, Iona - Annotated, hyperlinked text of Bulfinch's Mythology - Chapter 41: The Druids - Iona. (courtesy of Medea, The Musical)

The Druid's Lair - A wide ranging site with a full page of Druid links, Gardening, Pagan and Gothic Links as well.

A Druid's Life - A pagan news and information site with a weekly newsletter. Provided to keep the Pagan community informed about events that affect us all.

The Druid's Seat - Meet the Fey, read a Druid's journal, read a history of Druidry, and follow thoughts on Love.

Earth Mysteries - The term Earth Mysteries,coined in the early 1970s, is today used to describe a multi-disciplined or 'holistic' approach to the study of ancient sites and landscapes. It tends to fall largely outside the accepted range of mainstream research and is generally regarded with suspicion by academics. This site is intended to serve as an introduction to the various aspects of Earth Mysteries as a field of study. It includes a section on Stonehenge and the Druids.

Earth Mysteries - "Although since Christian times Druids have been identified as wizards and soothsayers, in pre-Christian Celtic society they formed an intellectual class comprising philosophers, judges, educators, historians, doctors, seers, astronomers, and astrologers."

Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru/National Eisteddfod of Wales - The National Eisteddfod is unique throughout Europe, it is the largest and oldest celebration of Welsh culture, and unique because each year it visits a different area of Wales. It is presided over by the Welsh Druids.

The Excellence of Ancient Word - Druid rhetoric from ancient Irish tales

An Faoi Dhraíocht Draoi Oardyr - The Enchanted Druid Order - Three candles that illumine every darkness: truth, nature, knowledge.

FatherOak's Home Page - This page aims to dispel the misconceptions of Druidism and to give information on the Druidic path.

Fhiona - A page of wonder, a teaching site. Wicca, Druidry, & Neo-Paganism come together in this philosophical study of the alternate paths. A source of Fhiona Coven Crafts. coven, witch, wicca, druid, pagan, magick.

The Fluid Druid Headspace - Here you will find Some Basic information on wicca and druidism as well as poetry , essays , a chat room, bulletin bord, classified ads, a discussion group, free Pagan graphics, a Auction, and much more!!

The Gaelic Druid Order of the Southern Cross - An independent Druid Grove in Western Australia (affiliated to OBOD and BDO) focused along traditional lines. As the two founders and most of the members are of Scottish descent, it has a distinctly Gaelic feel.

Grove of Dobhran - Included is The Druid Path, an introductory look at the various types of Druidry found today throughout the US and the British Isles, with special focus on OBOD, Keltria and ADF.

Grove of the Midnight Sun - We are Neopagan Druids who honor the Gods and Goddesses, Nature Spirits, and our Ancestors. This site will endeavor to explain our own Norse Pagan heritage, and to enlighten and educate those who would join us.

Grove of the Sacred Well - A group of neo-druids who choose to follow the Keltrian tradition. We are located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.

Gwyddon of Wales - Dynion Mwyn - Welsh witchcraft - Gwyddon is Welsh Witchcraft, This is the Dynion Mwyn homepage and contains an introduction to Traditional Gwyddon, as well as Wiccan, Pagan, new age, magick, and druidic religious thought.

Hanes Ysbrydol Cymreig (Welsh Spiritual History) - Welsh Monastic History, and celtic history, Druidic history and medieval history with pictures and links.

Henge of Keltria - This is a neopagan tradition devoted to the study and practice of modern Celtic Druidism. Membership information is given, along with a recommended reading list and 'how to make magical tools'.

Heronpeace Graphics - The Art and Works of HeyokaBear - The award winning art, verse and designs of internationally recognized artist/poet - samples, freeware, web graphics, gift shop, prints and multimedia cd. A celebration of 20 years on a Druidic path. Biography, upcoming calendar, what's next, f.a.q.

IceWalkers Grove - A Druidic journey in progress. Here you will find information regarding the path that I follow as well as information on ritual, the Deities, and a bit of history & explanations of information as I understand it.

The Insular Order of Druids - The Order (IOD) , was founded on the Summer Solstice 1993 at Stonehenge. The site includes the Insular book of Druid Ritual and an amusing treatise on spoken Ogham.

Isaac Bonewits' Homepage - The official homepage of Isaac Bonewits. Content featured includes his studies on Druidism, Paganism, magick, polytheology, and polyamory.

A Land of Dreams - A glimps into magick and Druidic celebrations and beliefs.

Leigheasach Scéalta - Our name is Irish for Healing Stories, which is what we do--we heal with stories. In particular, we are gaining and gathering inspiration from the Irish and other Celtic mythos and legends for our own spiritual use in the hopes of learning how to heal and be spiritually attuned to the ways of the Ancient Celts.

Midnight Garden - A site about paganism and the environment, with a section on druidry. Discusses the differences between druidry and wicca, and gives festival and moon seasons.

Morgan's Page! - A personal page which is not druid specific, but the biggest part of the information on it deals with Druidry (from a personal perspective).

A (much) smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland - Chapter V - Paganism (part A) - This chapter portion covers Druids and Sorcerers.

Neo-Druidism - A "links" page to various Druidic Organizations and websites

Nyfed Ddâr Rhudd (Red Oak Grove) - We are a group of Neopagan Druids in New Jersey who are serious about worshipping the Celtic Gods in a modern context. We are proudly associated with: Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship

Order of Whiteoak - We are a loose collection of Celtic Reconstructionists, philosophers, and students of Druidry who are concerned with the matter of ethics in the Druidical community and who meet with our peers from time to time to study the Brehon Laws, to search the ancient stories for Celtic tribal values, and to consult our own consciences for the kind of Druid path we envision..

Ozark Full Life Church - An Arkansas non-profit Druidic religious outreach organization based on ancient Celtic and Indo-European traditions; providing Rites of Passage, Pastoral Care, and other services.

Pagan Internet Links: Druid - A well organized 'links' page with separate categories for deities, groves, organizations, personal web pages, and rituals.

Pastures New - Down to earth Paganism - Dedicated to modern Pagans seeking a refreshing new perspective. There are interviews and teachings from a Joint Chief of BDO; Day in the Life of a Witch; gallery of UK pagan places; win an award; news on Stonehenge; handfasting info.; Pagan greeting cards; and dozens more regularly updated resources!

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship - An international religious organization devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidism.

Reformed Druids of North America - The RDNA is a laid-back group of Druids who simply explore the mysteries of the Earth, investigate world religions, and maintain a neo-pagan academic research resource site. Ancestral group of Ar nDraoicht Fein and Henge of Keltria, and much more lazy.

The Sacred Tree - System of spiritual growth fusing Druidry, Kaballah, Tao and Alchemy and information on runes, tarot and astrology.

Spirit of the North Gathering - An independent network celebrating native British spirituality. Includes astrology, poetry, Druidry & sacred places.

Starchild's Druidism Page - A personal information source on druidism. Part of a site which includes discussions on general paganism, things Celtic and magic.

Stormbringer's Aerie - This page is dedicated to my Magical research in many areas, such as Dragon magic, Totem magic (Bear specifically), and others as I publish them.

The Summerlands - The Summerlands is a cyber community existing within an Other-worldly time and space ... a safe haven for Druids and Witches and Pagans. Join us here, deep in the Greenwood, as we build our Community and reestablish the Old Ways into the world around us. Community - This is a non profit Celtic Pagan community devoted to enlightenment and the gods. is a free community of Celtic Reconstructionist Pagans and other interesting characters. We feature several mailing lists, web sites, and other strange diversions.

Temple of Danu - Small tributes to a close group of friends those of us living and those of us awaiting rebirth. We offer a celebration of joy for our thirty years of friendship.

Thaylann's Sanctuary - I have created this place to be a sanctuary for all who seek to know the deeper mysteries in life. May it prove to a place of learning, relaxation (or at least good entertainment!) for ye who seek to know the ancient ways. Find also galleries, humour and rants.

Toadflax: A Druid's Mind - The personal website of Lady Toad. Filled with interesting tidbits of information, links to resources, and personal insights and commentary by Lady Toad herself.

Trefn Gwyddoniad's Nemeton Gwynvyd - The beneficiary of a long history of priest-scientists (Gwyddons) more commonly called Druids. We have lived and maintained our traditions since 1792 in the U.S. Our ritual structure is Welsh.

The Voice of the Woods (tm) - A frame-based divination system based on the Celtic Ogham tree alphabet. See what the Ogham says to you!

Western Mysticism & Magic, Tarot, Runes & Numerology - Not really a Druid page, but the 'walk in the woods' gives it honourary status! It includes sigils, library, dream symbols and also online tarot, rune & numerology horoscopes (some in Dutch).

Who were the Druids? - A look at who the Druids were from ancient times to present day. - Specialty subdomains are available through Web Serve Pro. Proceeds help support the public outreach efforts of Peachtree Grove, ADF, an Atlanta Druid Grove.

YSGAWEN - The Gwyddon of Wales official web-site. - This bilingual site (Welsh and English) gives some information regarding Lore , Beliefs and Practices. Do not confuse this Site with other Sites claiming the title 'Gwyddon'.



The Bear's Byte - Native American spiritual stories and prayers with information on a women's prayer circle, retreats, herbal medicine, and pow wows.

Black Horse Arts/Native American Folk Art - Native American Folk Art composed of Black Horse Arts with links to other artists and interests, which include shamanism, poetry, etc.

Church of the Spiritual Path - Nim E's objectives are to protect, conserve, support, educate, and promote indigenous cultural, social, medicinal and spiritual values, particularly of the Mayan peoples.

Core Shamanism - Home of the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, The London Open Druming Group and Spirit Talk - A Core Shamanic Newsletter

Dance of the Deer Foundation - The mission of the Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies is to preserve the Huichol culture and its shamanic practices and traditions.

Den of ZaWolfSpirit - Site dedicated to shamanism in all its aspects, with a penchant towards Wolf.

Earth Wisdom Medicine Circle - Offers a message board, chat room, and links to sites related to shamanism.

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies - A non profit educational organization founded by Michael Harner. Includes the Way of the Shaman Basic Workshop, Advanced Shamanic Training, Books, Videos and Tapes.

Full Moon Prayer Circle - Native American quotes and sayings, calendar of events

Maya, Aztec, Inca Lords of the Earth - Archeology and Anthropology about how the Ancient American civilizations created a universal language

Metista Teachings and Techniques - Describes the path of Metista including tools, practices, prayers, and rites.

Native American Herbal, Plant Knowledge - Plants and herbs for Native American traditional teas, food, medicines; ethnobotany databases. Field ID photos with native info, vocabulary. Books and teacher resources.

Native American Traditional Medicine - This article briefly outlines some aspects of Native American traditional medicine, guiding the reader to the rapidly growing body of literature that describes the healing methods and related subjects that can help one understand their broader context.

The Order of The Crimson Rose - The Order of The Crimson Rose is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting understanding of pagan beliefs. Links, herbalism, crystals, teaching, legal aid, and more.

Path Of The Feather - Teaches techniques of shamanic journeys and the use of medicine wheels and spirit animals.

The Raven Lodge of shamanic and personal development - Shamanic resource center for shamanic and personal development with details of a home study course, bookstore, craft-work section, news-letter, down-loads section and informative articles.

Sacred Cosmology: Precolumbian Mesoamerican Symbolism - A book online, including a chapter on Sacred Plants and Animals. Author: Federico Gonzalez.

Sacred Hoop Magazine Website - One of the largest sites on Earth for Shamanic wisdom brought to you by Sacred Hoop Magazine, the UK's foremost site of Shamanic and animsitic wisdoms

Shaman - A journal of the International Society for Shamanistic Research, Shaman is published semiannually with original articles, reviews of current books, films, videos, records, tapes and CDs, accounts of works in progress and announcements of coming events. The site provides a description of the contents of previous and forthcoming issues and information on ordering the journal.

Shamanic Ecstasy - A general overview of shamanism plus newsgroup FAQs. Includes information on ayahuasca and other shamanic hallucinogens.

Shamanism and Animal Spirits - Throughout the world, shamans work with animal spirits to gain their wisdom and be healed by their spirits. Learn about 200 animal helpers with graphics and text.

Shamanism FAQs - A collection of FAQs regarding shamanism.

"So Sings the Blue Deer" - by Charmayne McGee. A simple page about a book on the huichol peoples.

The story of Ix Chel Farms and the Panti Medicinal Trail

Totems Animals and Familiars - Information on using animals in Native American shamanic practices.

WhiteOwl's Lodge - Deals with earth harmony, native American ceremonies, pagan rituals, and Old World hand-crafts. Part of the Earth Heritage Forum on Delphi which has links to a chat room and message board.

Yunsai Society - White Buffalo Society - The given mission passed onto our generation by our Ancestors and Elders is to inspire, promote, and live in global harmony and peace with all the Creations. To live totally in flow with the Principles that are universal to all life. We the People of The Yunsai Society have one rule: Respect.

Black Lightning Lodge - Black Lightning Lodge provides teachings and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path in the Toronto area.

Circle of the Sacred Earth - A shamanic church founded in 1990 offering religious ceremonies both traditional and non-traditional, spiritual healing, and training in shamanism. Ministers are in 20+ states and 6 foreign countries.

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society - A metis organization, DTMMS offers opportunities for ceremony, healing and the study of shamanism through books, tapes, workshops and articles related to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

The Eagles Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism - Eagles wing has a range of information, links and resources of interest to all following a contemporary shamanic path in Britain. Details of courses, workshops, gatherings and similar events are also listed.

Grand Father Michael the Celtic Shaman - Grandfather Michael is a Celtic Shaman and Druid Elder, who teaches and heals and is a World Peace Leader.

Huna - Shamanism of Ancient Hawaii - This site is dedicated to the study and practice of Huna, an ancient shamanistic teaching of knowledge and power.

Huna From Hawaii - The web site of the Hawaiian shaman Serge King. Here you'll find information and articles on Huna, Hawaiian shamanism, and alternative healing; a schedule of workshops, courses and events; a way to heal and receive healing online; a place to use your intuition for inner guidance; and much more.

Institute for Shamanic Synthesis - Offers cross-cultural shamanism programs with seminars encouraging development of individuated earth-based practices dedicated to principles of light, peace, love, conscience and harmony.

Native Pathways Church - A religious organization founded holistic tribal systems of worship and contemporary shamanism. Membership packets available.

Pauls Field of Dreams - Here, the world is what you think it is, and you can learn to bring new dreams into being.

Paz Géia School of Neo-Shamanism - Brazilian school advocating a return to shamanistic practices to achieve peace, creativity and an awakening of consciousness. Courses offered.

The Pyramid Mesa - A place where one can remember the teachings and knowledge of the Old ways, with stories, legends, prophecies, prayers and more.

The Raven Lodge of North America - An organization that offers "Shamana", a course in contemporary shamanism, shamanic services, and spiritual development for individuals and groups.

Shaman World - Shamanic consutations, classes, counseling, and spiritual tools that encourage connection to your intuition and personal spirit world.

The Shamanic Fellowship - Site offers a calendar of events with weekly circles, monthly sweats and seasonal ceremonies for both men and women in Somerset, California. Also includes discussion forum.

Shamanic Resources - Shamanic FAQs, articles, links, and books focusing on pursuing the shaman's calling in all lives.

Shamanist - Information on smudging, crystals, animal guides and New Age philosophies.

Shamanka - Workshops and classes in shamanism for women.

Sixa369's Magickal Page Library - A Magicakal Library with original writings, art and poetry. A focus on healing and awakening punctuates this page.

Walking With The Moon - An interesting collection of stories and articles on the nature of shamanism and its practice in the contemporary world.

The Wild Rose Dreamers Lodge - Center that practices shamanic energy healing including ceremonial ritual and esoteric and magickal exploration

Wolf Moondance - Seven Star Lodge features workshops and guidance in the Rainbow Medicine Wheel.

Wolfsong Enchantment - From Sedona, this is a Shamanic and Goddess Source for spiritual enlightenment, books, psychic readings and Sedona Vortex Tours provided by Richard Wolfmoon and Christine-A-Leah.







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