AquarianAge - Lots of stuff to learn, stuff to try and stuff to buy at this interactive site devoted to Astrology, Oracles of Divination and New Age beliefs. Several boutiques of zodiac gifts. Free e-postcard server.

ASTRALIS - Monthly horoscopes and regular introductory level astrological articles. Sections devoted to wider new age topics also.

AstralService - Basic astrology information, together with some chinese astrology, health astrology, twin souls section, chat area and web based email services.

AstroBaby - Devoted to babies - includes mini-charts, babyscopes, birth charts, announcements and gifts ideas by Meredith Duquesne.

Astrobella - Free horary and political astrology, feature column and humorous serialized astrology novel.

Astrobella's Astrosite - Offers an overview of astrology basics - includes brief description of signs.

Astrodienst - Offers a large selcection of charts, horoscopes and information. A database of over 200,000 cities with complete timezone and daylight savings time information.

AstroEcon - Economic and stock forecasts, and technical analysis using astrology, Elliott waves, Bradley and Gann charts. [Member]

Astrologer's Home Page - Chat area, monthly feature articles, time zone converter and chart services available, with the emphasis on Jungian astrology.

Astrological Love Connections - An astrological matchmaking service designed to locate and connect you with the right people for the important relationships of life - romance, marriage, business and friendship.

Astrology and Horoscopes by Aphrodette - General astrology information - includes glossary of terms, tarot and a monthly horoscope.

Astrology and the Third Eye - Instructions on finding and interpreting your personal moon cycle and fixed stars, together with detailed void of course moon charts and articles about the astrology of attraction.

Astrology by Andi - Information on astrology and addictions, together with monthly horoscopes and planetary energies sections and basic natal chart information.

The Astrology CookBook - Using input from two astrologers and a list of favorite recipes creates a searchable recipe database for astrology followers.

Astrology in Plain English - General forecast for all signs and examples of natal chart interpretation.

Astrology in the Age of Aquarius - Achernar - Comprehensive Astrology resources. Full Ephemeris from 1891 to 2100 AD, Tables of Houses. Online horoscope calculation, with interpretation texts. Articles on basic and advanced astrological techniques.

Astrology Insights - Overview of basic astrology, current transits section, 'Ask Ruby' column, articles and fun astrology.

Astrology on the Web - Offers horoscopes and astrological information on subjects including relationships, seasons and celebrities.

Astrology World News - World and personal forecasts, moon phase information, astrological new and views, and the astrology behind current news events.

AstrologyGuide.Com - Information about astrological signs and your compatibility with others. Includes monthly horoscopes and discussion forum. - Basics of astrology and numerology.

AstroMatch Rating - Determine your astrological love, friendship and business compatibility ratings.

AstroStar Astrology - Astrology literature, horoscopes and conference information.

AstroTwin Search - Search for your astrological twin - if nobody is yet listed that matches you can leave behind your details for others to find. Natal charts also available.

Athena's Web - Information and a weekly column - includes planet and aspect information.

Auntie Virgin's Celebrity Astrology - Hundreds of famous and infamous people listed according to their date of birth and sun-moon combination, all cross referenced to others with the same combinations.

Byzant Astrology - Astrological resources for everyone from the curious to the serious student.

Celestial Tidings Astrology - Descriptions of planets, signs, and houses. Also offers astrological charts and humorous anecdotes.

Chiron and Friends - Chiron and other Centaurs (Pholus, Nessus) in astrology, astronomy and mythology. Information on asteroids, minor planets and exoplanets by Zane Stein.

Creative Astrology with Muriel Taylor - Astrology with happy creative energies including movie clips about the Sun Signs, astrological tips and books for adults and children written by Muriel Taylor

CStars4U - The basics of astrology, together with Mercury Retrograde section and a look at how astrology works with numerology.

Debbie's Place - Offers information on astrology and metaphysics as well as a few book reviews.

DeeAstro's Astrology - Astrological, divination and general New Age information as well as online horoscopes.

Elemental Astrology - Examination of the important role of the elements in astrology; their positive and negative effects upon a natal chart.

Enchanted Spirit Astrology - Offers a wide range of free detailed astrological information, descriptions of astrological events, as well as free horoscopes.

Esoteric Astrology - Information on how your rising sign can tell you about your Soul's purpose. Esoteric astrology illustrated in the charts of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, William Blake. Authored by Adele Wilson.

Essential Astrology - Concise basic astrology information covering signs, planets and houses. Free summary reports available via email.

Essential Astrology - An overview of astrology and its application - includes discussions of horoscopes, birthcharts, forecasts, stars, planets, aspects, and houses.

The Fixed Stars - Discover the traditional astrological influences of 290 fixed stars and 57 constellations. Explore the 6500 specific influences categorized under 40 subject titles.

Golden Astro Bough Astrology Services - Astrological services, charts, reports, profiles, Zodiac, oracles, chat and forums.

Harmonic Uranian Astrology - Uranian astrology combined with harmonic theory.

Institute of Professional Astrology - Offers articles on family and sexual astrology, discovering your life purpose, finding your astrological soulmate, and free basic lessons.

Interactive Astrology Interpretation - Overview of chart reading includes basics of charting and examples.

Kenaz Services - Astrology services and ½ price alternative books. Includes astrology links, tutorials, free astrological reading, tarot, runes, and Wiccan/pagan events.

Linda Goodman's Sun-Sign Astrology - Learn about Linda Goodman's astrology through her books including, sun signs, star signs and love signs. Information on relationship signs, horoscopes, and purple plates.

Manic Raven - Astrology and More - Information on astrology, numerology and other occult related subjects. Also offers Astro World software suite.

Mistymoonvale - Moonlore and mysticism, offering a lunar calendar and basic information about moonsign astrology.

Moonsurfing - Guide to lunar astrology, and how it affects your health, gardening, finances and relationships. Advice on keeping a lunar phase journal.

The New Age is Upon Us - Includes a general overview of astrology and horoscopes. [Requires Java]

New Discoveries - Information on the Sabian assembly, Sabian astrology and angels and healing.

Night Light News - Large collection of thoughtful articles on soul-centred esoteric astrology.

OceanDweller's Birth Totems - This is Earth based astrology based on your date of birth and birth totem. Find your Birth Totem and read your basic personality profile.

Planets and Astrology, Astrocartography - Summary of Planetary Symbols: Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: LAP Planets and astrocartography. A new approach to understanding planetary symbols.

Psychology of Astrocartography - Astrocartography plots a personal horoscope on a map of the world in order to show how people can change their lives by changing their location.

Rhianna's Groovy Homepage - Astrology, zodiac, free tarot card readings online, groovy fortune telling, stars and mystical fun stuff.

Rose Murray's Celebrity Astrology News - Author/astrologer Rose Murray presents stories, features and articles about celebrities, plus helpful astrological information for lovers and others.

SabianSymbols - Insight into the Sabian Symbols, their use as a modern oracle and in astrology and numerology by Lynda and Richard Hill.

Seed of Life Medical Astrology - The advanced method of medical astrology that has blended astrology and eastern medicine into a spherical pattern - includes research information.

Sidereal Astrology - Extensive information and links about sidereal astrology (fixed constellations) by Kay Cavender and Mike Magee. Includes birth data for various royals, murderers and sports stars.

A Sign of the Times Astrology and Horoscopes - Horoscopes and astrology. Birth charts calculated using your exact birth details. Free astrological chartwheel for every visitor. Downloadable celebrity charts.

Signs Studio 2000 - Interactive question board offers astrological advice. Also yearly predictions and current affairs updates.

Spirit Realm - Includes information on astrology, Tarot, Wicca, herbs, reincarnation, divination and psychic ability.

Spiritwyse - Astrology, horoscopes, and personal growth.

Star Signs Astrology Zine - E-zine that includes free daily and weekly horoscopes by Michael Star, teach yourself articles and FAQ pages on astrology, tarot, numerology and crystal healing.

Startistics - Information and discussion about Astronomology (using astronomy to 'fill in the gaps' in astrology), and about the '13th sign', Ophiucus.

Starwise Astrology - Provides monthly horoscopes, discussion of current planetary positions and predictions. [Flash required]

Uranian Nights - Contains articles on astrology, information about destiny links, a newsletter, poetry, predictions, a basic overview of astrology, and downloadable ephemeri.

Widget's Astrology World - Services include directory of astrological articles, free natal birthchart, astrological fontset, zodiacal greetings cards, I-Ching forecastor and Moon phase generator.

World Astrology - A forum for applying and combining Chinese, Tibetan, Vedic, Arabian, Judaic, and Western astrologies in everyday life.

Zeenext Astrology - Articles, weekly features, horoscopes and ask an expert.

Zodiac House - Information about astrological topics - including sun signs, planets and chart houses.

Zodiac Master - Tutorial and other astrology related information.




Asian Astrology Pages - Links to Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tibetan astrology and divination resources. A major reference for specialist study. - Find out your chinese horoscope and figure out which animal you are and which ones you're compatible with.

Astrolim - Chinese astrology software, cdrom and book. Free reading for 2000.

Astrology Tomorrow Today - mEinah's efforts at bridging East and West. Thus, Chinese and Western Astrology. Tzu Wei Tou Shu, Four Pillars of Destiny, Body Palace, Feng Shui, one-of-a-kind Astro Insights. - Chinese Astrology - Provides background information as well as divination in the forms of I Ching and Feng Shui.

Chinese Astrology - Sabrina's Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology by Shelly Wu - Modern interpretations of Ancient Wisdoms since 2637 B.C. A site dedicated to teaching, advice and letters to Shelly Wu.

Chinese Astrology, Fengshui, Four Pillars of Destiny - This site is about chinese astrology covering fengshui, four pillars of destiny and zi wei do shou.

Chinese Astrology Online - Free Chinese Astrology for dating, marriage, compatibility, lucky times, lucky places and Feng Shui advice.

Chinese Astrology: Zi Wei Dou Shu and Ba Zi - Offers examples of Chinese Astrology charts and downloadable software.

Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar Online - Helps find lucky years using the Chinese, US-Time-Zones, Astrology Calendar. Also, helps parents pick a lucky name for a new born baby by the theory of Chinese Numerology.

Chinese Horoscope - Are you a monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, or sheep? Enter your birthdate and learn your destiny.

Chinese Horoscopes - Find out more about your Chinese sign. Page looks outdated but there is quite a lot of general information for each sign.

Chinese Traditional Predict - Offers online fortunetelling services, not free.

Chinese-Astrology - Offers horoscopes, Chinese fortune cookies and an energy tracker. - Information site of Chinese astrology, horoscope and zodiac: including the 5 elements, the 12 animals and the fortune in the Year of the Rabbit

Conception Charts - This chart is believed to have been buried in a tomb near Beijing for almost 700 years and the original is now in the Beijing Institute of Science.

Dr. Wu - Chinese Horoscope for the year 2000, partnerhips and relations with many celebrity examples.

Dragon's Pool Chinese Astrology - A traditional Chinese astrology and divination resource that gives a free weekly horoscope. Includes sign finder and personality profile and offers advice on love compatibility, health and career issues.

Element-Tables by Rudolf Megert - Another interesting approach to astrology, elemental charts, global astrological advice and mystic art.

FunStuff Chinese Zodiac - Calculates chinese zodiac or pets based on the given year of birth with a brief description on each zodiac or pets.

Holy Mountain Trading - Entertaining analysis of the Chinese astrological signs with special sections on what's in store for you in the current year.

JM's Zodiac Homepage - Character descriptions for the Chinese zodiac signs.

KKDS Chinese Astrology - Great place to learn all about Chinese Astrology. You can also get your Chinese Zodiac here too.

Lovesigns.Net By Cecil Lee - Fun with Chinese horoscopes and Chinese astrology. Improve your relationships and love life with Chinese Astrology.

The Meng - Chinese Astrology - An explanation of Chinese Astrology that covers the 5 elements, yin and yang, the 12 Branches (Animal Signs) and the 10 Stems.

Peaceenvironment - The traditional Tibetan calendar with auspicious or inauspicious dates. The best guide in your daily life. Even Great Lamas consult this calendar before starting important activities

The 7th Planet Astrology - The 12 Chinese astrological signs.

Vietnamese Zodiac - A comprehensive and highly interacive website on the Vietnamese Zodiac.








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